Cloud PBX is an alternative to Google Voice

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Cloud PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a Business Smart Phone System that delivers high-quality calls on any devices (Yealink IP desk phones, mobiles, computers) through the Internet and hosed in the Cloud.

A Cloud PBX is currently the most efficient way to deliver Business Telephony because it gives flexible handling of inbound calls.

It provides its users the ability to answer and transfer calls, record conversations, divert landlines to mobile, and send voicemail messages to email.

While traditional PBX telephone systems require constant upgrades and expensive onsite maintenance, A Cloud PBX allows easy provisioning and self-management of the system for low monthly overheads and minimal service costs. Fixed call costs and easy deployment across Business and Home networks.

Cloud PBX platform is an alternative to Google Voice for New Zealand and Australia Businesses. All voice calls (landline and mobile) are included. You pay for Data and you do not pay for Talk (call termination charges) between devices, networks, and countries.

Why NZ & AU use Cloud PBX Platform instead of Google Voice

Nowadays, Google Voice does not supply access with local country codes - (+64), - (+61) for New Zealand and Australia. In this case, Cloud PBX is a Professional alternative Solution.

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