Tech Tracker #1

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Welcome to our first Tech Tracker for 2021. We have been working hard to improve our products and services. Here are some of the recent improvements.

Business Fibre MAX Broadband.

We have released our gigabit broadband plans with better SLA response times for our business customers.

4G Business Backup.

We have released our 4G business backup plans. They include 5GB of data per month and are ideal for any business needing low cost internet backup. The failover process can be automated using our SOPHOS firewall routers.

New Cloud PBX Features.

Our Cloud PBX Queue feature now has 'exit' options. You can now allow a caller to exit a queue by pressing a digit on their keypad and then program what to do when exiting the queue. You can choose to send the caller to Voicemail, Forward the caller to another number or request a 'Call Back'. The CallBack option will then prompt the caller for their call back number and then once confirmed you will be sent an email with the call back request details allowing your staff to call back the caller at a more convenient time when you are less busy perhaps. This is a popular option for callers these days who don't like to be left in a queue for long periods. Future enhancements will be an auto call back option to your agents once they are available.

We have added the ability to do a 'recall' on a Blind Transfer from a phone. If the call is transferred using a ‘Blind Transfer method’ then you can now have that call returned back if it is not picked up by the recipient of the transfer. This is very useful for receptionists who do not want to perform a full attended transfer but would like the call returned back to them if the blind transfer is not successful.

We now support Caller ID pass-through when performing an attended transfer. Now when the transfer is completed the original Caller ID information is passed through to the recipient of the transfer giving them the Caller details and also serving as a visual indicator that the transfer has completed.

Cyber Security Update

Bcom is committed to keeping our customers safe from cyber threats. Ransomware attacks are on the rise in NZ, as well as everyday attacks.

Bcom has teamed up with SOPHOS to provide a comprehensive security solution for businesses including managed firewalls and endpoint protection. For more information check out -