IT support services as an intelligent business solution

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine any enterprise without using Information Technology because it is the main tool to operate from small to large businesses.

From the other side, the volume and complexity of Information Technology is growing rapidly every year, which confuses businesses managing their IT sector in the right direction for business success. Mostly, for those that use Admin IT support as a full time running service and it is very crucial to understand the mechanisms how to manage IT competencies as an intellectual part of the business. Many of those concerned about professional management, maintenance, modernisation, configuration of their IT systems. However, when Information Technology is used correctly, it becomes a competitive advantage for any business.

IT consulting, IT outsourcing, and IT support are the most significant segments which appear for businesses as important trends of the IT service market. To operate IT administrators on-site is the cost of business. But understanding and using the right combination of those trends give the company great opportunities to cut their IT support costs and get comprehensive support at the same time. Also, as a result, get growth of the business and increase competitive advantages.

It is believed that using an outsourced IT support service is only suitable for small businesses. In fact, the number of employees in the IT department of large businesses is usually not redundant, but just enough for operational activities. Therefore, additional work that is not included in the daily operational process might require extra resources for the organisation. That might cost the company a lot to not make the right critical decision in time. While outsourced IT support services allow the company to quickly get the missing resource on demand. As an example, the relocation of a large office to a new building along with the IT infrastructure. In addition, large businesses often outsource some part of their IT infrastructure.

IT support services has the main advantages:

1 Clearer and more transparent IT service processes. In fact, this is the most important advantage. Typically, business owners or managers do not fully understand what their IT department is doing. Methods of performance assessment such as KPIs and employment reporting are poorly suited for IT departments and are not effective. Conducting an independent audit requires an expenditure of serious resources, which are already lacking in small companies. All this leads either to overspending on IT maintenance, or opposite to under-fund, which then hinders the development of IT and the organisation as a whole.

Using IT Support services together with Cloud Service allows businesses to migrate to “everything as a service” (XaaS)