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Bcom provides professional IT consulting, IT outsourcing, and IT support services. We can cut your IT costs and give comprehensive support at the same time. 

Outsourcing your IT support services has the following advantages:

1  Clearer and more transparent IT service processes. Typically, business owners or managers do not fully understand what their IT department is doing. Methods of performance assessment such as KPIs and employment reporting are poorly suited for IT departments and are not effective. Conducting an independent audit requires an expenditure of serious resources, which are already lacking in small companies. All this leads either to overspending on IT maintenance, or under-funding, which then hinders the development of IT and the organisation as a whole.

Using IT Support services together with Cloud Computing allows businesses to migrate to “everything as a service” (XaaS). You then know exactly what you are paying for, and what the IT costs depend on. You can compare it with other offers and choose the right one for your business. Then, you can always estimate if your choice of IT service was correct and get more opportunities to make the right IT management decision.

2  High efficiency of information systems support. Outsourcing IT services can reduce the cost of resources for performing complex tasks by automating and standardising processes. Introducing specialised Service desk and Help Desk, the ability to purchase equipment etc.

3  Qualified personnel. IT support service providers have more specialists with narrow specialisation, and competencies, in general, are higher than the internal IT department in the organisation.

4  Reorganisation. Any business, one way or another, is faced with the task of supporting its own growth or even thinking about staff reduction. In either case, the HR department can face serious difficulties. By outsourcing your IT support, you can solve these problems at a lower cost without any risk and additional responsibilities.

For a fixed monthly fee, we provide unlimited, professional IT support for your business. This saves you admin costs by not paying multiple service providers and simplifys the planning of expenses.


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