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Yealink T21 User Guide

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Cloud PBX

Cloud PBX Feature Codes

The following star codes can be dialed from your phone to setup various
features from your handset instead of logging into the customer portal.
Wherever you see 'xxx' below, this refers to a number you enter.

*55 Access Voicemail Portal
*99 Voice Portal Menus Forwarding and Locate me
*72xxx Call Forward Always Activation
*73 Call Forward Always Deactivation
*92xxx Call Forward No Answer Activation
*93 Call Forward No Answer Deactivation
*90xxx Call Forward on Busy Activation
*91 Call Forward on Busy Deactivation
*561xxx Enable and Set 'Locate Me' Number 1
*571 Deactivate 'Locate Me' Number 1
*562xxx Enable and Set 'Locate Me' Number 2
*572 Deactivate 'Locate Me' Number 2
*563xxx Enable and Set 'Locate Me' Number 3
*573 Deactivate 'Locate Me' Number 3 Do not disturb and Privacy options
*78 Do Not Disturb Activation
*79 Do Not Disturb Deactivation
*30 Caller ID Blocking Activation
*31 Caller ID Blocking Deactivation
*77 Anonymous Call Rejection Activation
*87 Anonymous Call Rejection Deactivation
*60xxx Selective Call Rejection (Blacklist) Addition
*80xxx Selective Call Rejection (Blacklist) Removal
*65xxx Make a call with Caller ID visible
*67xxx Make a call with Caller ID blocked
*32 Anonymous caller screening Activation
*33 All callers screening Activation
*34 Call screening Deactivation Call Queue Options
*70XX Agent Login to a queue where XX is the extension number or phone number of the queue
*71 Agent Log out for all queues
*71XX Agent Log out of a specific queue where XX is the extension number or phone number of the queue Remote extension options
*44*XX Remote Extension Calling. Where XX is the phone/extension number you want to dial as. (NOTE: Must be enabled in settings first)
*44*XX*YY Remote Extension Options. Where XX is the phone/extension number you want to dial as and YY is the star code to execute.
*94xxx Remote Dialtone Service Number Addition
*95xxx Remote Dialtone Service Number Removal
*96xxx Remote Call-back Service Number Addition
*97xxx Remote Call-back Service Number Removal
*98xxx Remote Access Authorisation Pin Setup
*98 Removal of Remote Access Authorisation Pin (Trusted ANI only) Auto Attendant options
*22 Record your auto attendant message/menu for callers
*23 Playback your auto attendant message/menu
*24 Activate the auto attendant service on your line
*25 Deactivate the auto attendant service on your line Conferencing options
*40 Activate conferencing for my number (turn into conference room)
*41 Deactivate conferencing for my number
*42 Access your own conference room Other options
*61 Call Waiting Activation
*81 Call Waiting Deactivation
*69 Call Return (Call back your last caller)
*66 Last Number Redial
*51 Who last called me?
*37xxx Set Authorisation Pin Code
*37 Remove Authorisation Pin Code (no digits after *37)
*74x Program Speed Dial 8 (x can be 2-9)
*52 Activate voicemail system
*53 Deactivate voicemail system
*54n Set Call Diversion Timer where 'n' is number of seconds Feature codes during a call
## Perform a 'blind' transfer to another number (if not disabled)
#0 Perform an 'attended' transfer to another number (if not disabled)
*1 Start/Stop a manual recording of a call (if not disabled)
*0 Disconnect from a call Group Pickup options
*88 Group Pickup
*89 Directed Group Pickup
*89x Directed Group Pickup (with specified pickup number) Call Parking options
*07 Park a call (parking lot number announced back to caller)
*17 Retrieve a parked call (prompted for parking lot number)
*1XXX Retrieve a parked call from a specific parking lot number
NOTE: Not all features can be setup using star codes.

Cloud PBX Call Features

Inbound Calls Simultaneous Ring: Receive call to up to five phones all ring simultaneously, or by a variety of business rules. Call Forwarding: Setup calls to forward when you are on the phone or if you do not answer. Do Not Disturb: Automatically forward calls to voicemail or play busy tone if you do not wish to be disturbed Call Waiting: Choose whether to answer another call if you are already on the phone. Call Rejection Options: Choose whether to accept calls from Anonymous callers and specify your own list of blacklisted numbers. Call Screening Options: Choose whether to screen all or just anonymous incoming calls. Voicemail Service: Set your Voicemail PIN number and select whether to disable the service. Auto Attendant: Create your own auto attendant prompts for callers. Directed or Group Call Pickup: Pickup an incoming call to another phone on your account. Agent and Queuing: Up to 10 agents or front office personnel with the ability to queue calls applying a variety of common Call Center rules Hunt Groups: Select up to 10 numbers to hunt through for incoming calls and specify different timeouts for each hunt attempt. Call Forward Unreachable or Network Call Forward: Allows users to set a call forward number for when their device is unreachable or unregistered – for example in the event of a power or internet outage. This is in addition to our Call forward always, busy and no answer services. Intercom: If your phones can support this feature then you can set them up to receive Intercom messages from other users in your team. Connect to a phone in your team and speak directly out of the speaker without needing to pick up the call first. Outbound Calls Authorisation PIN Code: Setup an authorisation Pin Code to protect any calls made on your account. Speed Dial: Program 8 speed dial numbers so you can quickly make calls by entering a single digit. Call Privacy and Caller ID: Choose whether to make anonymous calls by blocking or replacing your own Caller ID. Last Number Redial: Dial *66 to redial the last number you called. Select your confirmation options here. Call Return: Dial *69 to dial the last number that called you. Select your confirmation options here. Advanced Features Call Recording: Setup your call recording options for all your inbound and outbound calls are automatically recorded or not Call Parking: Park incoming calls to a 'parking lot' number and then retrieve those calls from another extension without the same account and group Conferencing: Use your Cloud PBX number and create a room to talk with others at the same time Remote Call Back: Call your Cloud PBX number from any phone. When you hear ringing, hang up and you will be called back – so you can make a call from Cloud PBX! Remote Dial Tone: Make calls from your Cloud PBX account from another phone by remotely dialling in to initiate the call Call Transfers: During a call you can transfer the other person to a new number by dialing #0 for an attended transfer or ## for a blind transfer Caller Tunes & Hold Music: Upload your own MP3’s to replace ringing when people call you and setup your own music on hold Preferences Auto Top up & Notifications: Automatically top up your account and change account balance and call duration notification thresholds when making calls Personal Information: Change your personal details including the name and caller ID displayed when making calls. Extension Dialing: Setup a short extension number for each line on your account to dial your numbers more quickly Time and Login Options: Set your preferred language, timezone and date options. Time Schedules: Change the default settings for time schedules such as your hours of work and available hours Voice Quality & Networking: Choose your voice and video call quality preferences and network preferences SIP Peering: If you have an IP PBX directly connected to the Internet you configure your account as a SIP peer (Advanced users) TCP SIP: Users can now choose between UDP or TCP SIP. TCP SIP offers reliable communication of SIP traffic and support for longer NAT (Network Address Translation) timeouts and will also enable support of ‘TCP only’ platforms such as Microsoft Lync/OCS to connect to Cloud PBX and take advantage of our great VoIP packages. TLS Support: provides a secure encrypted transmission of SIP for deployments that require increased security. You should connect to as your proxy/host using TCP port 5061. Secure RTP/SRTP: Our Cloud PBX supports Secure RTP connections from devices that support the protocol. SRTP allows for secure transmission of the media/audio stream for deployments that require increased security. G.722 Wideband 16KHZ: which provides high quality superior audio on calls. G.722 is supported by a number of devices including Polycom. Network Redundancy: Using our own Internet address space enables us to multi-home all services allowing automatic failover from one hosting provider to another in the event of an upstream outage or network issue. We’ve also increased automation for failover in the unlikely event of system issues or hardware failures, allowing us to switch to backup/standby systems in seconds.

How to access the Cloud PBX portal

Link -

How to view calling records

Log into your Cloud PBX portal (See "How do I access my Cloud PBX portal") Select Account (top left) then select Records You can also view call reports by selecting "Reports" on the left had side

How to record your voicemail message

Option 1: Using your phone:

  • Dial *55 to access the voicemail menu.
  • Press 0 to access your VM settings
  • Press 1 to record your unavailable message
  • Press 2 to record your busy message
Option 2: Upload your recording using the web admin portal -

Group Call Pickup

There are a couple of different options with group pickup *88 is the Group Pickup code. Use this code to answer any ringing phone. For example, the reception phone is ringing, and I want to answer it on my phone, I would dial *88
*89x is the Directed Group Pickup (with specified pickup number). This is used to answer an individual ringing phone. For example. If extension 203 is ringing and I want to answer it on my phone, I would dial *89 203

How to configure auto provisioning on a yealink IP phone

Step 1: Press the OK key when the phone is idle to obtain the IP address Step 2: Navigate to the phones web page by entering the IP address in your web browser. For example, if the phone IP address is enter then you should see the following web page; Step 3: Enter the default username and password for the phone. Username = admin Password = admin Step 4: Once you have sucessfully logged in, navigate to the settings page and select "Auto Provision" Enter in the Server URL box Press Confirm then Auotprovision Now The phone will do a firmware upgrade and reset a couple of times (about 2min) before registering.

EFAX Service (faxmail)

EFAX Service Every customer can get their own fax number to send and receive faxes without the need of a fax machine.

The service works by delivering copies of faxes sent to your number as an email attachment to your registered email address. You can also send faxes out to normal fax machines anywhere in the world by sending an email with a recognised attachment to the faxmail service. Below are instructions on how to receive and send faxes using the faxmail service: Receiving a fax using the faxmail service The most important settings for receiving faxes are in the 'Fax Delivery Options' section. Here you can choose which email addresses will receive inbound fax attachments and the format you prefer the faxes to be delivered as. By default faxes will be sent to your primary email address that you used to sign up with and attachments will be in PDF format. NOTE: Unless you are going to connect a physical fax machine you do not need to worry about the diversion timers as all of your inbound fax will immediately be delivered to faxmail. In the settings you can also blacklist anonymous fax callers or individual numbers or temporarily make your fax number unavailable. Sending a fax using the faxmail service Simply attach your document to an email. Documents can be in PDF, Postscript (.PS) or TIFF formats. Once you have attached your PDF, PS or TIFF file, your email should be sent to the phone For example if you wanted to fax the document to Auckland number '099749008′ you would send the email to ''. You can fax the document to multiple fax numbers by simply adding multple recepients to your email. Please always include the area code in the phone number when using the faxmail service. Once you are ready, then hit Send and your attachment should be sent to the phone numbers specified as recipients. Our faxmail service should send you an email when the fax has been sent confirming the delivery and details. You will also receive an email with the relevant details if the fax fails to be sent for some reason. If you are having problems sending or receiving a fax then please ensure that the other fax machine you are sending/receiving from is switched on and working corrrectly. Failing this please log a 'Fax' support ticket at for assistance.


UFB - Standard Router Settings

Set your WAN port to DHCP using Vlan 10 Connect the WAN port of your router to the Optical Network Terminal (ONT) on the port we provided to you. DNS Primary:
DNS Secondary:


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Bcom standard terms and conditions

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