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Efficient. Secure. Reliable

At Bcom, we offer a variety of innovative IT solutions suitable for various industries, and for companies of all sizes. We believe in long-term partnerships, and our services are therefore designed around the specific needs of our clients. We work hard - so our clients can sleep at night, knowing that their IT operations are taken care of in the most professional way.

For over 10 years, we have built our Customer's Trust, which is the core of our service. 

We supply IT Desktop Support, Business Broadband, Cyber Security, Cloud PBX, and Cloud Computing. We offer unlimited High-speed Internet with Managed Security and a Hosted PBX to suit NZ & AUS business needs. 

Our IT services are managed by a Priority Support Agreement (PSA) making us a Total Service Provider. Our value is CUSTOMER TRUST. We are proud to deliver excellent service through our experience. Our strategy is to provide a more Digital Workspace for our customers. We like to drive our customer relationships by offering competitive services to build a positive Customer Experience.

Our customers say "the experience of moving from one technology to another is incredibly smooth with minimal downtime"


Bcom services limited | 09 280 3878 | 7/216 Manuka Rd, Auckland